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FK Teplice after 4:1 victory against Chemnitzer FC joined top of the table

FK Teplice after a strong performance beat on their home "international" field in Modrá the young team of Chemnitzer FC 4:1 and joined the top teams in Future Liga table. Teplice striker David Vaněček was the most visible managing two goals and one assist. Visiting team gave sympatic performance which surely gives opportunity for next matches.

FK Teplice - Chemnitzer FC 4:1 (2:0)
Played on Wednesday 22.3.2017 in Modra by Děčín

Latest Events

  1. 14.11.2016

    Dynamo Dresden excelled in a match against FK Teplice

    Seven goals scored by future team of Dynamo Dresden into a net of FK Teplice slightly changed plans of a czech team in search for a similar final position when they finished third in a first FutureLiga season 2015/16, in which Teplice were to beat Dynamo on their field.


    Czech battle between Sparta and Liberec won Prague team

    In a match of both czech opponents calculated also into an official Czech Junior League competetion played Liberec from a second minute only in ten men after an early red card. Sparta was therefore dominant but decided not until mid second half. 
  2. 7.3.2017

    Dynamo - Sparta Prag 5:0 Dresden march through season

    Dynamo Dresden started their spring campaign in a very high style, beating top czech club 5:0 in Freital-Hainsberg climbing up the table to a third position. Dynamo is top scoring team in this Future Liga season. Sparta Prague young team was unable to produce goal scoring opportunities and prevent fast attacking movements of Dresden team


    Meeting of clubs in Prague decided about match calendar

    Twelve matches in total will be played during months of March, April and May in Future Liga second part of the season 2016/2017. Current leader Chemnitzer FC will start by a match in Teplice, while Dynamo Dresden have two matches in month of March already confirmed.

About FutureLiga Project

Future League project gives an alternative for reserve teams of professional clubs who are searching for regular international friendlies to increase atractivity of in-season training matches and increase competitiveness of classic friendly match. FutureLiga is a serie of friendly matches inside football season where reserve players can get match practise and meet on the pitch with talented youngsters in a semi-friendly, semi-tournament match. The initial idea is to get on the pitch talented youngsters and experienced reserve players lacking match practise for a measurement of a possible future team balance. Here comes the word "Future" in activity, because future team squad should be consisted of players from more categories within a football club.

Serie of international friendlies

Future teams squads

In cooperation with football clubs from neighbour countries FutureLiga offers a scheduled in-season plan of friendly matches which support common season league program. Calculating of results into a final standings table and player statistics gives to a common friendly match a vital competitive dimension.

FutureLiga matches are inserted into standard flow of league matches giving a place for reserve players to get match practise. Such reserve team often need to be supplied by younger club players. Idea of FutureLiga is to bring talented youngsters on field with reserve professionals, thats all in international matches.

Upcoming matches

Dynamo Dresden vs. FC Slovan Liberec
Sat 25.3.2017, 13:00, Sportpark Dresden - Weissig

First match between these opponents is ready to be played in FIFA international break in the end of March 2017.
FC Slovan Liberec vs. FK Teplice
Sun 9.4.2017 at 10:15, venue is Municipal Stadium in Liberec

Slovan Liberec can be still waiting for first season victory and czech derby against FK Teplice would be great opportunity
Chemnitzer FC vs. Slovan Liberec
Tue 11.4.2017, kick-off time and venue to be announced

Chemnitzer FC in their first spring home showdown would definitely like to keep their top position in the table

FutureLiga Gallery

Chemnitzer FC is current Table leader

  1. FC Slovan Liberec stále čeká na první vítězství
    FC Slovan Liberec stále čeká na první vítězství
  2. Dynamo Dresden obhajuje loňské prvenství
    Dynamo Dresden obhajuje loňské prvenství
  3. Na čele tabulky přezimuje Chemnitzer FC
    Na čele tabulky přezimuje Chemnitzer FC
You can have look into a small gallery of autumn activity, where Chemnitzer FC is marching on so far unbeaten.


In cooperation with participating clubs we are supporting marketing activities to give club sponsors and partners other platform of visibility or presentation in international area. 

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